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"If it's not a feast, it's a famine"

I spent the weekend away from my home to go see a few friends and hit up a club that I much enjoy going to in DC.

The weekend started off fairly normal. I hung out with J and he and I went shopping and got some dinner. He went home to get some sleep before work on Saturday and I went out. Went to a bit of a dive bar to hang out with a few people that I met while living in Maryland, and then went to the after party, which almost turned into a disaster for me. I'm all for wild and crazy sex, but I do have standards, and my standards almost got taken over by 6 drunk guys who weren't up to listening to reason.

This is where M comes in. M is this amazing guy who is actually from the same hometown as me. When we get together we can talk for hours, or kiss for hours, whichever happens first. Well, things took a step further after he came to rescuse the 'damsel in distress' that I so felt like Friday night. We got back to his place and seeing as how we hadn't seen each other for about a month, we started a full on make out session. This is all fine and dandy, but I didin't stop him when he led me back to his bedroom. He was so demanding when he undid my clothes. Practically ripping them off of me before throwing me down on to his bed to climb on top of me and kiss me. His hands wandering all over me until they found what they were looking for, and he proceeded to drive me mad. Kissing his way down my body while stoking the heat that was building inside of me with his hands. I think by the time he put his mouth on me I was already so sensitive the slightest lick on my clit made me cum. That was definitely an almost new experience. I mean, M and I have been somewhat intimate, but never taking it past what we could do with our clothes on.

After he went down on me, I attempted to return the favor. Going down on a man is one of my favorite forms of foreplay, and I thoroughly enjoy making the man moan until he cums. M let me make him moan, but soon before he let himself cum, he grabbed me and turned me around to plunge his cock into me. After going such a period without sex, and M being a little on the small side, it felt amazingly good. I was really tight around him, and could feel him plunging himself into me. I finally kept moving forward until he let me ride him, which I proceeded to do. I needed to be let go and able to just move on a person in the way I wanted to. He happily obliged for about a half hour until he came. Tired and somewhat satiated, I stole one of his t-shirts and curled up to go to sleep. About five hours later I got woken up to kisses on my hot spot. Once M knew I was awake, he put my legs over his shoulders only to plunge himself into me again. After the previous night's activities, I was a bit swollen, and even tighter than before. He made me flood with heat for a while before he added his own to it.

So.. I hit a dry spell for the rest of Saturday, although my time at the club was met with many kisses from multiple people, and many ass grabs, as my skirt was so short my ass was hanging out at the bottom.

Sunday, on the other hand, I got woken up by J. And as I was bleary eyed from the festivities and little sleep the night before, he started to kiss me. Now, J is extremely shy, and we have never had sex up to that point, but he did his best to be the demanding type of guy I like in bed. Now, I guess it did help when I started kissing down his body to torture his cock with my mouth for a bit. Not long after I started that he pulled me up and tried to return the favor. I wouldn't let him, as I usually have a hard time letting a guy do that until I really get to know them sexually, but I climbed on top of him and started riding him. He stopped me many times, as that was the first time in his life he had ever had sex unprotected, as his only other sexual experience was with the girl that introduced us. Funny thing is, we were in her house while she was at work. But, that's an aside. Regardless of his lack of experience, and his shyness, there was really a connection there. I loved looking into his eyes, and kissing him. It was truly a new experience for me to be with someone who worried so much more about my pleasure than his own. He's a very giving person. I know that if we continue to sleep together, more than just a good sex life will develop. In a way that is very exciting for me, but it's also very scary. I'm still undecided on if i'm ready for a relationship, particularly another long-distance one.
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